Learn the terminology of online slots

How do you win at online slots and use techniques to increase your multiplier? First and foremost, it is important to understand the terminology and rules of slots. Learning to win at slots is not easy, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of winning.

  • Spin: Refers to the start of a bet. This button is also often referred to as Play or Start.
  • Pay Table: This is what we often call a “pay table”. These pay tables detail the value of each symbol and pattern that is drawn to make it easier for slot machine players to compare.
  • Win Lines: Win Lines, also known as jackpot lines, paylines, and payouts, refer to one or more lines in a slot machine game, and if the slot machine is successfully connected, the corresponding bonus will be awarded.
  • Scartter: These symbols do not need to be connected and do not need to appear on the reels in order, they can appear in any position and when they reach a specified number or a certain number of times on the screen, they can open bonus games such as free play.
  • Wild: Wild is a wild symbol, sometimes with the attributes of expansion and adhesion. In the case of expansion, the wild symbols will cover the same row or column in a certain way, making the bonus payout line on the reels reach a higher multiplier.

What are the types of online slots
Classic Slots: This is the simplest and most basic form of gambling, where you only need to pull a handle or press a button to make a line with three patterns to win.

Compound slots: The “jackpot” is directly proportional to the “bet”, and these are suitable for new players. It doesn’t lower your odds of winning when you bet one coin at a time.

Bonus Compound Slot: Plays like a compound slot machine, but it is for players who want to bet 3 coins at a time, and it offers an additional bonus after the player hits the jackpot.

Multi-Line Slots: As the name implies, it is played with multiple lines and you are free to choose which line you want to play, but of course you will only win if the line you choose wins.

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